Planning Permission - New Build Family Dwelling


Earlier in 2017 we were pleased to procure planning permission for a new build, single detached family dwelling on a 400m2 infill site in Wales.

The design takes advantage of the existing topography - an old railway embankment offering views into the Welsh countryside approximately one storey deep. As such three storeys could be successfully accommodated without the new dwelling dominating the adjacent property.

The Lower Ground level comprises a garden room, utility and guest rooms; living accommodation is located on the Upper Ground level with sleeping quarters on the First Floor.

The design of the dwelling is contextual. We took inspiration from vernacular agricultural building traditions to guide our new Welsh 'long house'- predominantly a load bearing solid brick in warm red tones with pitched slate roofs with modest overhangs.

Huge Architects Liverpool - Station Grill New House

Existing Site

Huge Architects Liverpool - Station Grill New House

Inspiration - Local Vernacular