Mill Lane

Private Residence, Cheshire

The clients for this refurbishment project wanted to add a striking extension to the rear of their house in a conservation area of Chester, we designed the decorative brickwork in a white flemish bond with black contrasting headers.

It was their aim to maintain as much of the original layout as possible whilst creating a more contemporary open-plan living area, a "light and airy space where a family could interact". It was clear that the existing kitchen was not adequate and that its enlargement and combination into a larger space would provide the solution.

The Principle of the design became to maintain the identity of the 1930's building whilst adding a new annex that would be subservient to the original building, but also clearly identifiable as a later addition.

We added a secondary reading to the extension, by acknowledging the new importance of the family room and distinguishing it as a larger volume to the utility area. This distinction was then further accentuated by giving larger window / door proportions to the main volume and more 'utilitarian' openings on the secondary volume.

We proposed to introduce no additional materials to the vertical surfaces but to decorate the annex with a regular two-tone diaper pattern highlighting the traditional Flemish bond of the brickwork and using contrasting headers to echo the two tones of the original building.