Showhouse Interior Design

Catharine Street, Liverpool

We were given an open brief from the client in terms of design concept for this interior design project so we sought to create a scheme which would generally appeal to the potential clientele of the area. We designed each room with a distinctive feel but at the same time we wanted to tie the whole scheme together with a common design theme, which was dictated by the proximity of the house to the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and the Philharmonic Hall. For this reason, the art of performing is a recurrent feature within the design.

The front door was designed bespoke with a full gloss paint finish. Black and white tiles with geometrical patterns were used in the entrance lobby to recreate the Georgian atmosphere. The front room at ground level was designed as a study/consultation room and evokes a retro feel. Living room two is larger and acts more as a family space with two Chesterfield style sofas, a log burner fire place and a floating walnut coloured shelf. This room has an oriental feel with black painted oak furniture, floral patterned wall paper and velour curtain dressings. Cushions and accessories echo the room theme.

Tones of green and cream were chosen for the Shaker style doors of the kitchen, which we then combined with light grey porcelain floor tiles and granite worktops. The vivid blue colour predominant in the dining area marries well with the contemporary furniture and accessories chosen for this room.

The master bedroom was designed to be stylish and luxurious, using walnut finished Italian contemporary furniture. The choice of fabrics, soft furnishings and accessories accentuates the elegance of the room. The large bathroom, on the same floor as the master bedroom, with adjacent dressing area gives the first floor of the townhouse a flowing feel.

For the second bedroom, the emphasis was to create a room which would appeal more to a young female audience so we decided to propose a floral backdrop together with French traditional furniture, cream and pink tones. The ballet dancing accessories all give this room a feminine touch. We were asked by the client to keep one of the bedrooms quite neutral in terms of who it would be for, so we chose white furniture with clean lines, which was softened by the stained oak details. We brought strong and vivid colours into the room through textiles and artwork.

We thought the bedroom on the top floor would be ideal as a break out space for a teenager so we brought rock and roll art work and accessories into the scheme and chose Italian contemporary furniture. Walnut finishes, dark and bright colours bring the whole scheme together.