Competition Entry, Heswall Church

DEC 2016

The Competition entry was for the new Heswall Parish Church Hall. We strived to create a design that engaged with the user and the street while keeping some of the traditional church typology. As a significant public building we leaned towards classicism and incorporated a iconic colonnade to mediate between the street and interior and to provide a permanently established external semi-public space. This concept grew from the traditional church typology creating a Vestibule area.

A rose window to the South to the street has been included as a clear reference to the Christian use of the building and also as a symbolic visual connection to the circular windows to the original Parish church - St peters in lower Heswall.

The proposed design sits proudly higher than the context helping it to maintain an authority on the street. We wanted to include the vernacular materials of Heswall to help integrate the building into it's setting including Red Sandstone to the front as a prestigious material and a link to the past and to the local stone. The predominant material along the high street is Brick which we proposed to use adjacent to the street. but by using a black and grey brick and a modern insulated metal to the Church Hall - alluding to the tradition of using corrugated metal as an economical material to clad Parish and Church Halls in the British Isles.

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